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Grateful Academy™ wants to help you ease some of the intense emotions and uncertainty in your life right now, so we are offering our Grateful Sleep™ course for FREE to help improve as many people’s lives as possible during this pandemic.

If you sleep well, life – even during this coronavirus – will seem brighter.

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You can, even in challenging times such as these, take control of your thoughts, your negative self-talk, and reduce stress, fear and worry, by putting these feelings and concerns in perspective.

Grateful Academy™, Grateful Movement™, and Grateful Sleep™ are all about being GRATEFUL. Grateful Sleep™ is unique because it focuses on controlling your mind/thoughts, and your self-talk so you can “get out of the way” when it's time to sleep.

We know difficult times like this add tremendous stress, but you will get through this pandemic. And our FREE Grateful Sleep™ course can make that easier for you.

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Get the Sleep you Deserve

Grateful Sleep™ is not just about achieving great sleep on a daily basis but, even more so, about rebooting your mind/thinking and, eventually, your entire life so that you can reach your full potential as a human being. Learning to love yourself and your life, and living in harmony with your Host/body and the world we live in will just be a wonderful side effect of wholeheartedly embracing gratefulness.

  • Increase Your Energy

    Getting your required quality sleep will help you increase your energy levels, which will help you perform better during your day. It will also give you a clear mind to take action towards your full potential.


    We have made Grateful Sleep™ a pre-requisite for Grateful Academy™’s shorter, additional courses. You must complete Grateful Sleep™ before signing up to take further Grateful Academy™ curriculum because, without health and energy, without being GRATEFUL, you won't perform at your best.

  • Improve your Health

    Many people consider sleep, let alone quality sleep, a luxury. They are WRONG! Even though most people already know that proper sleep is crucial to enhanced functionality and performance by the mind & body, and improved overall health, they do not give it the credence or priority in their lives that it needs to keep people healthy. So how can this be made possible? How can people with busy lives and sleeping problems manage to get great sleep every day? Those questions will be answered when you take the Grateful Sleep™ course.

    A simple plan of daily health habits, enacted with a clear mind, is the basic methodology behind Grateful Sleep™. Making positive changes in your life, with the help of mind control and high-quality sleep, will create a better life for you.

  • Eliminate Stress that Kills your Host/Body

    Much of the stress in our lives is based on our interpretation of life’s pressures. Stress should be something we use to empower us, not to destroy the healthy cells in our Host/Body. Solving the stressors in our lives starts with our mindset and our ability to control our thoughts. Grateful Sleep™ teaches you simple methods to eliminate the negative behaviors that are often the cause of most stress.

    You have only one life to live on this planet; it’s time to reset your mind and re-boot your health and energy. No matter how young or old you are, the Grateful Sleep™ course, along with the many other life-changing courses offered by the Grateful Academy™, will give you the power to transform your life. Have fun learning with Grateful Sleep™ & Grateful Academy™; have fun living your new-and-improved life!

Meet Your Instructor

About your Coach, Michael R. Brunet, Founder, and CEO of “Grateful Academy™” and “Grateful Sleep™.”

  • Michael R Brunet

    Grateful Sleep Coach

    Michael R Brunet

    Coach Michael believes every human being should be able to live their lives with great Health, a great Attitude, and lots of Vitality & Energy; in other words, every individual should be able to “H.A.V.E. it ALL!”™ through mind control, by taking action, and by being in harmony with his/her host/body.

    Michael is a loving father of 4 magnificent, adult children (2 females and 2 males) who, at the age of 64, has more energy and greater health than many 25-year-olds. He has been an entrepreneur for more than 40 years, which has included taking his telecommunications company public and listing it on the NASDAQ exchange in 1998. He has traveled extensively around the world and lived for 3 years in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (1980-1983), while working on a contract.

    For over 27 years, Michael has been learning about and teaching people to control their minds/thoughts so that they can bring about important improvements in their lives. He will show you:

    • how to focus on what motivates your desire to change • how to help set and achieve your goals • how to create and offer yourself hope and compassion as you work toward change • the lessons of his Grateful User Guide for All Human Beings that will become a daily practice to enable you to finally have the satisfying life you have long wanted.

    Coach Michael’s unique approach to Grateful Sleep™ is simple, and comes with support for those who have been stuck in a rut in their lives, but are now ready to get unstuck. Through Grateful Sleep™ and his other Grateful Academy™ courses, Michael will help you regain health, happiness, energy and fun in life. He will help you start to dream again, and set goals for achieving those dreams. This new life full of gratitude must begin with giving your host the energy it needs through the Grateful Sleep™ course, so you can explore the potential for the glorious life that you have within you, waiting to be released, waiting to be lived.

    Please join the Grateful Sleep™ course now to allow Michael the privilege of assisting you toward the better life you deserve.

The Grateful Sleep™ course is a pre-requisite for Grateful Academy’s shorter, additional courses. You must complete Grateful Sleep™ before signing up to take further Grateful Academy curriculum.

Prior to beginning the The Grateful Sleep™ program, examine your “WHYs” for wanting to take this course. Write down your reasons for wanting better Health, a better Attitude in life, more Vitality, and increased Energy each day (because if you implement the course content into your life, you will be able to H.A.V.E. it all!.)

Your “WHYs” are the leverage you will use to make small, simple changes in your life to give your Host/Body the 7 to 8+ hours of uninterrupted sleep each day that it needs to be at its best. Grateful Sleep™ is not just about achieving great sleep on a daily basis but, even more so, about rebooting your mind/thinking and, eventually, your entire life so that you can reach your full potential as a human being. Learning to love yourself and your life and living in harmony with your Host and the world we live in will just be a wonderful side effect of wholeheartedly embracing gratefulness.

  • • Learning how you can open your mind to new ideas that will empower you to make the changes required to start getting great sleeps

  • • Learning how to love and respect your Host/Body and give it what it needs

  • • Learning why your Host requires 7 to 8+ hours of sleep each day

  • • Memorizing and using your Grateful Sleep Checklist™ to begin changing your sleep patterns

  • • Learning how to GLAM-up your life with our G.L.A.M. Questions™ by using them multiple times each day to change your perception of your life and promote a positive growth mindset

  • • Learning and applying simple tools and beliefs to help control your mind for positive growth by replacing negative self-talk and destructive repetitive thoughts

  • • Understanding the process by which you create your bodily chemicals from your thoughts and practising eliminating harmful thoughts and chemicals from your Host/Body

  • • Processing and embedding in your life the very important concept that being Grateful is not a mere passing thought but a way of life

  • • Recognizing and learning how to productively deal with such destructive emotions/behaviours as feeling overwhelmed, angry, worried, anxious, depressed, hopeless

  • • Participating in a Weekly Wednesday Webinar, live at 7 p.m., to get the support you might need to be successful with this course and not stay stuck in the mire of your present sleep difficulties

What's Unique & Bonus material

What’s unique about the Grateful Sleep™ course is that we provide simple, easy-to-use tools to help you replace old, keeping-you-in-a-rut habits with new, powerfully-positive habits to get the energy that you deserve back in your life.

Support will be available to you as you proceed through our video course modules, which will take you step-by-step towards a growth mindset, regardless of your past or your present situation.

This course is about resetting and replacing the dis-empowering habits and unconscious behaviors that have been holding you back from your full potential. It will give you the permission that you may subconsciously need to finally take proactive steps toward the life you’ve always wanted.

Grateful Sleep™ is for people who realize that there is more to life than being a cog-in-the-wheel of society. Harness the power of the Grateful Sleep™ course for yourself! Your energy and life will vastly improve by giving your Host/Body the time it requires each day for uninterrupted, high-quality sleep.

Sign-up for our Grateful Sleep™ course to begin a life where you feel well-rested, positive, and in control. Do you want to continue to believe that you are not worthy of that?

  • Bonus/included material

    •Download an audible recording to help you create your HAPPY PLACE

    •Download and print your Grateful Sleep Checklist™ before you receive your laminated hard copy for your bedside

  • Bonus/included material

    • Download an audio recording explaining the purpose of the T&RE (Tightening and Relaxing Exercise) if needed

    • Download the audio file of the actual T&RE, the 4th step on the Grateful Sleep Checklist™
  • Bonus/included material

    • Download and print the Grateful Sleep Log™ to keep track of your daily sleep progress

    • Participate each week in the Weekly Wednesday Webinar to get the additional information and help you might need to get unstuck from any of your problematic sleep issues. (We will answer individual questions, and make this webinar available for playback if you cannot attend the weekly 7 p.m. time frame.)

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The Grateful Sleep™ course is nothing like other courses for sleep; it is all about mind control and letting your host/body take over and sleep.


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Grateful Sleep™ Disclaimer

Grateful Sleep™ & Grateful Academy™ offer the opinions and ideas of the author, and are intended to provide information for educational/entertainment purposes only.

The information throughout this website and courses is not a substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. Consult your doctor about any health problems you may have, and before changing your prescriptions, modifying sleep habits, taking any supplements, or creating or changing any fitness programs. Feel free to have your doctor contact us for additional information.